50 Webdesign ideas for your web design blog

50 Webdesign ideas for your web design blog

Having a webdesign, also known as web design or website design is vitally important if you own a business in the 21st century, as any web designer or web design South Africa company would know. With webdesign companies being one of the newest types of businesses that exist today and with web design companies opening up on a daily basis, it’s a pretty competitive industry to be in. So, one of the fundamentals of having a web design South Africa company is starting a webdesign blog. If, at this point you are lost for words and don’t know what to blog about, then here are a few webdesign blog ideas to get you started.

50 Webdesign blog ideas to start today


1. Why have an online shop in South Africa?

2. Why do small businesses have websites?

3. How I started my web design company.

4. How much to charge clients as a new web designer.

5. 5 Reasons your business needs a website.

6. The importance of website marketing?

7. Web Design Cape Town (Web Design “Area Name” you work in).

8. Website Design: Exposure for South African startups.

9. Web Design Cape Town Client Hair Connection (Webdesign Cape Town project you done for a client).

10. What makes a good web design?

11. Web Design Agency vs Web Designer

12. G Web Design turns 1 (Your webdesign company’s birthday)

13. Website Design Cape Town client (How you went about creating a webdesign Cape Town project for a client)

14. Cape Town Web Design (webdesign clients you work with in your area).

15. Web Design Cape Town Xclusive (highlight the clients you have worked with that week).

16. WordPress Web Design

17. Web Design in South Africa (webdesign in “country” you work in).

18. Where to study to become a web designer or to start a web design company?

19. 10 Questions to ask a web design company or web designer before starting the webdesign process.

20. Does your company need a website?

21. When to redesign your website?

22. Why do some web designers charge so little and other web design companies charge so much for the same result?

23. How to add web design pages to your existing website?

24. Should I design my own website for free or hire a web design company to have it done professionally?

25. Why doesn’t my website design appear on page 1 of Google?

26. Why isn’t my new webdesign getting any website visitors?

27. How to prevent hackers from hacking into your website?

28. Why does a website need website maintenance?

29. How to advertise your website on Facebook and Google ads?

30. Why you need an eCommerce webdesign to sell your products and services?

31. How much does an eCommerce website cost?

32. Why you should have your eCommerce website design professionally set up by a web designer or web design company?

33. What is SEO (search engine optimization)?

34. Why I should get my webdesign optimized for search engines (SEO), like Google?

35. White hat SEO vs black hat SEO.

36. What does SEO cost?

37. SEO tips to get you ranking higher in Google?

38. What is Responsive Web Design?

39. 10 Benefits of having a responsive webdesign.

40. How to constantly find webdesign Cape Town or web design South Africa clients?

41. How long does it take to build a webdesign?

42. Why does it cost more to create a customized web design in South Africa?

43. How to deal with bad web design clients?

44. How to meet a web design deadline?

45. How to design a logo for a new website?

46. Web design inspiration.

47. 10 Secrets of a web designer.

48. Should I go with a static or dynamic web design?

49. How to run a successful web design company from home?

50. Why a web designer and a web design client should have a good business relationship?



To conclude, having a web design blog is a great tool for both the web designer or web design company as well as the web design client. It’s purpose is to help web design companies answer specific questions that their website design clients might have, as well as a SEO (search engine optimization) tool to help high ranking keywords as well as longtail keywords rank better in Google for eg. Web Design, Website Design, Web Design Cape Town, Website Design Cape Town, Web Design in Cape Town, Website Design in Cape Town, Webdesign, Webdesign Cape Town, Web Design South Africa, Website Design South Africa, Web Design in South Africa and Website Design in South Africa, but to name a few, etc…

Graham is a web designer in Cape Town as well as a web designer in South Africa creating webdesigns for different industries in South Africa on a daily basis. If you are interested in having our professional web designers at G Web Design create a website design for your company then contact us.

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