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Web Design Cape Town

Web Design Cape Town

Often I get enquiries from web design Cape Town clients and elsewhere in South Africa wanting a website design. While the conversation is running smoothly, this one particular question keeps on popping up? When can we meet to discuss the website design in more detail? Although my web company is in Cape Town, I work with clients throughout South Africa. This is all done via Skype, email or by telephone. There are exceptions for clients in Cape Town who feel more comfortable to meet me face to face first.

So, this is how I run my successful web design Cape Town based company. Also serving web design South Africa clients. I use 5 simple guidelines:

  1. Advertising
  2. The Client
  3. The Project
  4. Launch
  5. Training

Advertisingweb design cape town

This is my starting point. When my current projects are coming to an end, I start marketing my website for new website design clients. Some days I limit my advertising to Cape Town only. Other days I feel so energetic that I advertise all over South Africa.

When I started my webdesign company, I thought I would only work with web design Cape Town clients. Now I have so many clients in South Africa like Johannesburg, Port Elizabeth, etc. The lines of communication are absolutely wonderful. 

Advertising can take different forms like Google Adwords, nowadays Facebook Ads, etc… There are really quite a few options to consider depending on the type of client you are looking to attract.

The Client

web design cape town
After advertising, I usually get a few interested prospects for my web design services. 

If the client is :

1. If a web design Cape Town client wants a meeting, then we arrange one for when both parties are available. In the meeting we discuss the process going forward. This is what we need from the client, as per our requirements here.

2. A web design South Africa client, we work via phone calls, emails, Whatsapp or Skype. It has worked very well with our current clients who fall outside the borders of Cape Town. Beside me physically being there, the meeting conducts in exactly the same way.

During our web designer – client meetings, the focus is usually on how the website is going to look and function. The idea is usually to attract more customers or clients. 

The Projectweb design cape town

This is where the fun part begins. Time to invest my webdesign skills into the layout and design of yet another amazing web design project. The designing process could take anywhere from 5-20 working days depending on the size of the new website. For more complex websites it usually takes a bit longer depending on the complexity of the site. These complex websites are usually things like animations or special forms, etc…

All our web design projects are exciting to us as we get to learn about different industries.


web design cape town
After endless hours and lots of coffee later, all new websites are launched by our web design Cape Town team. The client receives a link to his or her website and hopefully, is totally wowed by it. Then, the website goes live and we have another happy web design client.

All web design clients receive an additional benefit from us. This is the 30 days free support for any minor changes. It is essentially a months free maintenance worth R500.


web design cape town
After launching the website, my web design Cape Town team trains all new clients how to use their site. This is usually done via Skype for all clients, irrespective of where you are based. Clients enjoy these Skype sessions as it allows for a face to face interaction.

We build all our websites with a CMS a.k.a. Content Management System that allows clients to update or change text and images. 


The term Web Design Cape Town also known as Website Design Cape Town is sometimes confusing to clients. The web designer is only based in Cape Town. He can design websites for any business in South Africa. Location is not a problem.

Thank you for reading our article Web Design Cape Town.

Graham (Web Design Cape Town Developer)

G Web Design (Web Design Cape Town)

“Your Partner on the Web”

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