Why do small businesses have websites?

Why do small businesses have websites?

Do you ever wonder why small businesses who seem to be constantly busy selling their products or services, cannot keep up with the demand have websites? Surely this is an additional expense that they can do without?

In today’s world everything is just a click away. No matter if you are looking for a daycare, school, plumber, locksmith, electrician, hair salon, specialists, etc. The list goes on. Let’s say you are looking for a school in a particular area and you find two. The first one, A, has a website and the other, B, does not have a website, maybe B has a listing with only their contact details. Therefore, the school that has a website immediately has an advantage because they can immediately communicate with you. You can find out about pricing, perhaps application forms, a little history and already you feel much more connected to A than to B. Many examples can be made, I’m sure you get the picture.

Cost of a website

Therefore, the question is really what is it costing you not to have a website. The answer is quite simple, you miss out on having a larger target market who depend on websites for information. You miss out on solving so many more peoples’ problems but they can’t find you. A company’s website is a major part of their branding. Even if you have a great social media presence your business website pulls it all together. It is the core if you will, therefore enhancing your business credibility and can redirect clients to other forms of communication that you participate in. Websites give businesses the platform to showcase how good they are or special projects that only they can do.

One major thing about having your own space on the web is that it represents you, the small business owner. What your values are and what you believe in and this is what people buy, they buy you.

These are my reasons why small businesses have websites and also why others who don’t must invest in one, the rewards should far outweigh the cost.

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