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Web Design Agency vs Web Designer

Web Design Agency vs Web Designer

You’ve just made a great marketing decision by deciding to have a website designed for your business and now it’s time to look for a web design agency or web designer to create the website that best suits your business.

A web design agency and a web designer basically does the same job, but there are a few differences, such as:

Web Design Agency

A web design agency is made up of a few web designers and web developers working together in an office space. They can easily take on a web design project for any size business because of the abundance of designers and developers they have on hand. Technical issues should be a rather quick and easy fix for them. On the downside they naturally tend to charge more for their projects because they have greater expenses to cover, such as rent, salaries, etc…

Web Designer

A web designer (freelancer) works alone on all his web design projects which are basically done in the comfort of his own home. He could easily handle web design services for smaller companies. Because most web designers work from home, it means that they have more time on hand to complete their web design projects and possibly add a personal touch to each website they design. Their website design packages are far more affordable, as expenses are much less compared to that of an agency.

With that said, how do we choose between the two?

Will it be a web design agency or a web designer?

Choosing between one or the other to create your business website is quite simple. Firstly, you need to ask yourself a few questions relating to the web design project you have in mind, such as:

1. How big or small do I want my website to be?

2. What am I willing to pay?

3. When do I want my site to be launched?

4. Do I need post launch support?

1. How big or small do I want my website to be?

For smaller website designs needed by start ups, small and medium sized businesses, a web designer can easily manage these tasks. Whereas, for larger websites that are ongoing for weeks or months, these suit an agency better as they have a big project team to handle these kinds of requests.

2. What am I willing to pay?

As mentioned above, a web designer is able to charge much less than a web design agency simply because the agency has to take their expenses into account. If you choose an agency to design a small web design project for your business, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you are getting more for your buck and if you choose a web designer to create your small website design, it doesn’t mean that you are getting anything less from your design.

3. When do I want my website to be launched?

Deadlines are very important to any business. Clear communication about the launch date of any website design must be discussed at the beginning of the project. Keeping in mind that clients sometimes midway through the process want changes. Consequently this could cost a lot of time, delaying the process by days or weeks. Establishing what you want and need upfront is extremely important if your mind is set on a launch date.

4. Do I need post website launch support?

Almost all web designers and web design agency companies offer post website launch support. If your new website design is going to need constant updating, then this is a must. Find out before the design process begins. Because some web design agencies and web designers offer free post launch website support for only a limited time. Thereafter, you have to pay a monthly fee.


In conclusion, deciding on whether to go with a web design agency or simply a web designer isn’t that challenging after all. All you need to do is determine the size of the website, the cost involved, when you need to launch your site and if you need help with your website afterwards. It’s that simple.

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