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Website Design : Exposure for South African Startups

Website Design : Exposure for South African Startups

Before website design existed, advertising your company was fairly easy. All you needed to do was place your company details in the yellow pages and magically, business rolled in. Today, companies are popping up everywhere and it can be pretty tough to get business as the competition in South Africa has grown tremendously.

As new South African entrepreneurs, the road leading up to this point surely wasn’t an easy one for most. But making the most out of your new venture doesn’t have to be all that hard.

Therefore, the number 1 strategy would be to get a website design for your new venture and here’s why:


Website Design Lesson 1

They are popular

With more and more people and businesses on the internet, it’s no wonder they turn to the web as their source of trusted information. Research suggests that more than 80% of consumers search the web before actually making a purchase.

A company that has a website is regarded as more credible than those without and with a staggering 80% plus consumers searching the web day and night, just imagine how much potential clients that could mean for your new business.

They operate 24/7

Unlike our stores that can only run for a few hours of the day, a website runs whole day, everyday. Imagine your products and services being booked or bought through your very own online store while you are at home relaxing after a long, hard day at work.


Website Design Lesson 2

Even though you can’t always be at work, doesn’t mean that business has to stop as well. Having a website ensures that business can operate around the clock. No need to open and close, it just carries on working.

They are online sales clerks

Every business needs employees to run their business, if not done by the owners themselves. A website is basically an employee or owner with vast knowledge of the business. Information can be accessed freely, easily and at any time from the website. No need for a customer to wait for an employee to get off the phone or maybe your shop is closed due to bad weather conditions.


Website Design Lesson 3

It acts as an additional sales clerk, but at a very low cost. You pay only once and the website sells your products or services forever. Your website is your portal to hundreds of thousands of potential clients in South Africa and globally.

They are showcases

Sometimes, businesses only get clients because the clients are happy with previous work done for other businesses. In these instances, the clients actually wants to see examples or references of work previously done. A website has the ability to do just that.


Website Design Lesson 4

It does what you want it to do, “It advertises all your products or services”. If you were to advertise your services via print ads, then you’d be very limited to your options, your ads would only reach a limited number of potential clients and the ad would only go out once. Whereas, with a website, you can showcase a whole range of work that you have accomplished for your possible customers to look at whenever they need to.

They are answering machines

Employees are there to answer calls or to make client bookings. This can be a very long and draining process. They might have missed a call because they were busy helping other customers in the store. No business can afford for this to happen.


Website Design Lesson 5

When potential clients want to buy your products or book your services, they don’t have to wait till you open. A website has a contact form in which the client can place an order immediately. No need for long queues any more. Plus, imagine opening your emails in the morning to find that you have another 5–10 services booked. Your business would soon be thriving.



To conclude, don’t keep potential clients waiting on you to open your shop. Getting a website design for your business means that you are more credible than your competitors who don’t have websites. You are open 24/7, you have an extra “sales clerk” that you pay only once, you can showcase all your work you’ve accomplished and clients can book your services or buy your products any time of the day or night without disturbing your resting time.

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Graham (Web Designer Cape Town)

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