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5 Reasons your business needs a website

I have come across quite a few people that have told me that they do not need a business website. When asked why, I am told some interesting things like:

  1. I don’t need a business website all my customers know me.
  2. I have friends in high places.
  3. If I needed one I would have one already.
  4. I don’t want to grow my business further.

It is true in some form or another that some businesses will not directly see the benefits of a website. If your business exists for some length of time your customers expect you to have a business website. You indirectly benefit as your customers’ expectations are being met just by getting more information from your website. You benefit directly from the fact that they may purchase something from you that they did not know you offered.

Let us now delve a little deeper into why you need a business website or business online shop. Here are my 5 reasons and you will find they each build a little on each other:

  1. Increase revenue. Yes, to make more money. A website is a tool that your business uses to increase sales. Imagine selling to 10 customers at the same time, whilst developing your next great product. Online businesses do this effectively.
  2. Plan new campaigns. Imagine you are able to see where your potential customers are based and want an opportunity to sell your product in that area that you did not know had interest in your product. If you have your own business online presence you are able to generate these statistics as well as test new products armed with some great information.
  3. Grow your brand. Your business website represents your business, it represents your way you do business and it should tell people what to expect when doing business with you. By people always seeing your logo and things related to your business you increase your brand awareness. Your brand becomes more trusted.
  4. Save time. We all hear the saying time is money. So, how much is your time worth? Instead of giving a prospect the A-Z of your business refer them to your business website to increase your business’ overall productivity and have an informed customer that may use more of your products or services than initially thought.
  5. Availability. When your business is online your doors are always open. Customers can visit you while they sit on the couch in their own home and buy from you when your physical doors are closed.

I trust you enjoyed reading this and we will be sure to add some more interesting things around having a business online.

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