How to add a page to your WordPress website design

In this tutorial we will be looking at adding a new page to your WordPress website design. The tools we will be using will be WordPress version 4.6 and the default Twenty Sixteen theme. This tutorial assumes that you have already logged into the backend of your WordPress website.

So why would you add an additional page to your website design? There are so many reasons but here are a few: A temporary one for promotion of a product, Additional Products / Services, Additional information to help customers and yourself, etc…

The process is very similar to adding a new post for blogging purposes.

Step 1

Go to the menu item “Pages” on the left hand side of our dashboard.

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Step 2

On hover over select “Add New”, this will bring you to the “Add New Page” screen. The main sections on this page are the Title Area, The Content Area and the Publish Area.

Website Design Website Design

Step 3

Complete the title, let’s say “New Page”. Fill in the content area with your text, pictures or even videos if that is your requirement. Once done, you can Publish the page and then follow the tutorial Display post in a blog page to see how to add it to your menu area so your clients can find it.

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