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Fun Facts about G WebDesign

FUN FACTS about G WebDesign

Everyday, webdesign Cape Town clients and clients all over South Africa are working with a chosen web design company that they actually know very little or nothing about. At G Webdesign in Cape Town, we decided to let our current clients and future webdesign clients learn more about us. So we compiled a list of things you didn’t know about G Web Design.

Here are 6 things you didn’t know about G WebDesign.

1. What does the “G” in G WebDesign stand for?

The G stands for Gilbert (the owner of G Web Design) and Web Design for us being a web design company. As simple as that. When choosing a name for your company it is always a good idea to include what you do in it eg. G Web Design (having the term “web design” in it tells the website visitor exactly what you are selling).


2. Does G WebDesign only design websites?

When G Web Design started its webdesign company we thought that websites were all we were going to be focussing on. As more and more clients were interested in working with our professional web designers at G Web Design, lots of different requests were made in addition to having a simple website design. That’s when we knew we had to roll up our sleeves and start rolling with the punches.

Some of our other services offered at G WebDesign include custom web design (much more complicated than a simple website design), facebook marketing and recently, logo design.


3. Are the web designers at G WebDesign qualified?

At G Web Design, Graham who is in charge of overseeing all the website design projects, has a Degree in Information Technology specializing in Software Development that he obtained at the Cape Peninsula University of Technology (CPUT) in Cape Town. All the web designers at G WebDesign working under him are either qualified or he trains them with the knowledge of web design principles.


4. Where is G WebDesign based?

Currently, G Web Design doesn’t have an office space yet. Our web design company is run from home, meaning more time can be spent on doing websites and less time sitting in traffic.


5. Why does G WebDesign offer such affordable web design services?

Our mission at G Web Design is to ensure that start-ups and small businesses in South Africa can also afford the opportunity to have a professional website designed for their businesses.

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6. Why does G WebDesign not work with large corporations?

At this time, G WebDesign has a small team of professional web designers working together to ensure that all web design projects are handled professionally and completed on time. Until such a time that G WebDesign has acquired enough website designers to work for us, then only will we be ready to take on web design work for larger corporations in South Africa.


Thank you for taking the time to read about us.

Graham Gilbert (Web designer Cape Town)

G Web Design (WebDesign Cape Town Company)

“Your Partner on the Web”

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