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Good web design and why it’s so important

Good web design and why it’s so important

Good web design is the starting point for any business to come across as professional online. Consequently, it doesn’t just happen overnight, it takes planning, research and testing to make a web design really come together.

Let’s look at some of the factors that makes a really good web design.

1. Layout

The first thing website visitors see when they enter a site is the website’s look. Is it warm and inviting or is it lacking in character and pizazz? Furthermore research suggests, it only takes a few seconds for users to make a connection to your website, or not. Remember, your web design represents your business and making a good first impression on the user will have a positive outcome, like keeping visitors engaged on your website for longer. As a result you could make a sale.

2. Colour

Normally a website’s colours are based on the colours of the business logo. If the company doesn’t have a logo, then looking at the products or services offered is a fairly good starting point for any website design. Many other factors could also influence what colours to use in your web design project. As long as there are not too many colours in use and they all compliment your website without distracting your readers from the actual message that your website is trying to portray.

3. Read

Reading is a must on most web design pages. It should give website users answers to most, if not all of their questions. Therefore, a website’s text should be very easy to read and follow.

Here are some basic ideas to make your website text legible:



3.1) Use black text on a white background as this is the most common used practice in good web design to make a website easy to read. Use light text like cream or yellow on a white background because this will irritate your web users because it’s either too hard too read or not legible at all.
3.2) Write in a normal size text that will allow your website users to easily know what they need to know. Write in text that is too small as this will make it exceptionally difficult for readers to understand your website and they might go to your competitors website instead.
3.3) Use fonts that are legible across all website browsers plus, try and use a maximum of 2 fonts throughout your website so that it can flow easily. Use fonts that some website browsers can’t read, it will make your website look weird and unprofessional.


4. Photography

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words. Now, just imagine the impact that bad photography will have on your website design. In general, people respond better to visually outstanding imagery. Don’t settle for anything less because it will do your website a big injustice.

5. Spacing

There’s nothing more confusing than a website design that is all over the place. Imagine your website users entering your site and not knowing where to start because your website is filled with too much information in one place or there are just too many pictures everywhere. It’s like nothing has a place or a purpose, it’s just one big mess. Try to keep your web design minimal. This really adds to good web design. Therefore, clean and clutter free, with only the important details that needs to be highlighted.


To conclude, creating a good web design means that you have your work cut out for you. Getting everything organized from the very start of your web design project will help you save a lot of time and headaches, for sure. Finally, sometimes, it takes a few bad web design projects to really know how to create good web design projects.

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