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WordPress has become a must have tool for many web designers. It is the most popular content management system in the world. Countless commercial websites and blogs run on the platform and it has become a great website design tool for web designers because of it’s flexibility and it’s extendability.

Ok, you have your a brand new WordPress website design, everything is going well. The website works great no changes required. Until one day you add a new product in your business or you want to start a formal blog to better interact with your customers. What now?

You know you have the credentials somewhere. You go to your email and you find it, oh yeah. Now one of two things can happen. You either have a login in button / link on your website, this will then request your username and password and you are in.

What happens if you do not have a login button / link? Some people actually prefer this, however you need the following link to sign into your WordPress backend to get to all the juicy bits. After your domains URL in your browser type in “/wp-login.php” or “/wp-admin”

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That is it, you enter your username and password and you are in. Other useful features are the forget password feature which is a great help.

Finally if all else fails contact your web designers to assist you with your login.

Thanks for reading.

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