Installing a WordPress theme

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Welcome to another G Web Design WordPress Tutorial. This wiki will be focusing on installing a WordPress theme for your website design.

In a WordPress website design any website design or blog is run on a theme. A theme is therefore the structure of your website design and can be extended as you wish. WordPress has default themes that it installs with, however there are thousands of themes available for you to design your website with. For the more adventurous out there, you can write your own themes.

For this tutorial we will be using WordPress 4.6 and will be installing the Responsive Theme by Cyberchimps. It is assumed that you are already logged into your WordPress backend.

Step 1

Go to the menu item “Appearance” in on the left and select “Themes”.

website design

Step 2

This will bring you to the Themes page. On this page you now have the option to add a new theme by either clicking on the “Add New” button on the top left or click the plus “+” sign.

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Step 3

Now that you in the “Add Themes” page you can see 15 featured themes that are reflect from the WordPress repository. On the right you have the search box to search for various of the thousands of available themes. You will also notice a little “ Feature Filter” which is used to narrow down your search. Once you click on it, it will bring up the various filters that you can apply. The 3 category filters are Layout, Features and Subject

website design

website design

Step 4

Because we know what we are looking for let’s simply type in “responsive” in the search box. Our theme is the 12th one if counting from left to right.

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Step 5

At this point you would want to click on “Details and Preview”, this will give a preview of the theme but importantly and a review. As can be seen this theme has received a 4.5 star average rating from a total of 291 installs. This is excellent. If you are happy click the blue “Install” button and the installation will commence.

website design

website design

Step 6

One the installation has finished the blue “Install” button will change to a blue “Activate” button. Click “Activate” and you theme is live on your website.

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Step 7

This will bring you back to the “Themes” page and you can see the screenshot of your theme appearing with the default themes. The fun starts now and you can play around with the Theme Options.

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Thank you for reading.

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