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Widgets are a great way to set standard content in your website. Widget areas in WordPress are generally set in sidebars, footer area, header area, etc. It can be placed anywhere on a website and depends entirely on the theme developer and their web design.For this tutorial we will be using WordPress version 4.6 and the default Twenty Sixteen theme. This theme has 3 widget areas, the “Sidebar”, “Content Bottom 1” and “Content Bottom 2”. Remember a different web design will have different widget areas.

Step 1

To navigate to the widget area go to menu item “Appearance” on the left hand side.

web design

Step 2

On hover over select “Widgets”, this will take you to the Widgets page. On the left hand side of the page you will see all the available widgets and on the right, the 3 widget areas.

web design

web design

Step 3

If we open up the “Sidebar” widget area we can see all the widgets that is currently there, e.g. “Search”, “Recent Post”, “Recent Comments”, etc…

web design

Step 4

Now let’s go to our site and to see where the widgets appear. As you can see all the “Sidebar” widgets appear on the right hand side of the page.

web design

Step 5

Now let’s play around again and add some other widgets to the other widget areas and remove everything but the “Search” widget from the “Sidebar”. Let’s add a “Calender” widget to both “Content Bottom” widget areas.

web design

Step 6

Now have a look at your website and see where the widgets appear. As expected the deleted widgets in the “Sidebar” does not appear anymore only the “Search” widget. The two calenders appear in the “Content Bottom 1” and “Content Bottom 2”.

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