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Web design packages for small businesses in South Africa | G Web Design

Web Design Packages for Small Businesses

Why small businesses benefit from our web design packages?

In my experience as a website designer, many small businesses in South Africa still don’t understand the value of having a website. In a previous article that I have written about website design, it highlights the most important reasons that your business needs to keep up with modern times. At G Web Design we offer various web design packages for small businesses. They are not only an investment to your business, but it also comes at an affordable price. Don’t place a price on webdesign, rather see it as an investment that will pay off soon.

What you will get with the Business Standard Package

It is similar to the Business Basic Package, but it works more effectively for advertising and general SEO (search engine optimization). This comes into effect if you seriously want more potential customers to find you.

There are 2 differences between the Business Basic and the Business Standard from a development point of view. With the Business Basic you only get 3 pages and 1 email. With the Business Standard you get 5 pages and 5 personal business emails (eg. info@gwebdesign.co.za).

The Business Standard web design packages will cost you only R4 000.

All new sites designed by our web designers receives 1 years free domain and hosting. If you have your own domain and hosting, that works well too.


If money really is an issue, you can start with our smaller web design packages like the Business Basic. You can always add pages to your site at a later stage for a small nominal fee. The more webpages that you add to your website, the better it will be for it to rank in Google. Google is absolutely in love with content, as long as it is fresh and relates to your business.

Thank you for reading.

Graham is a website designer in South Africa working directly with clients to understand their business. He captures it in the website designs that he specially creates for their business.

G Web Design is webdesign Cape Town company. We work with start ups and small businesses in South Africa, helping each other to grow and prosper.

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