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Web Design Cape Town Client Hair Connection

Web Design Cape Town Client Hair Connection

Hair Connection is our latest webdesign that has gone live today. This is adding to our rapidly growing list of web design Cape Town clients. They offer professional hair care solutions from internationally recognized brands which comes at extremely affordable prices.

Hair Connection approached G Web design to create an online presence for them that was clean, yet flashy and that represented their brand.

We built the site with WordPress which makes it easy for the website owner or web designer to update information and pictures as needed by the client. The web site showcases all of their branches, the hair care services that they provide, as well as all the products that they sell. If you are looking for a unique salon experience, then why not visit one of their branches.

Designing Hair Connection’s website was a really exciting project for us because it was our first hair salon. Therefore, the use of an orange font gave added some extra flare. Finally, the end result portrays everything that the client was looking for in a website. Yet again, we have another satisfied web design Cape Town client. See the website here : www.hairconnection.co.za.

Graham (Web Developer in Cape Town)

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